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Standard Feature

Having been proven to cut down on accidents – our standard Dynamic Stability Control can be a motorer’s best friend. First, the system uses sensors to measure the steering angle, yaw and lateral acceleration to determine the direction you want to go. Then, if your MINI starts to stray, the DSC system kicks in by applying corrective brake pressure to individual wheels and adjusting engine torque. The end result? A powerful ally in the war against loss-of-control. And of course, traction control (also included) helps you start off in traction-limited situations.

On top of helping prevent accidents, our DSC system’s Hill Assist feature makes starting out on a hill and learning to drive a stick a piece of two-toned chocolate cake. By holding the car’s position for 2 seconds, even on an incline, the system prevents you from rolling back as you move your foot off the brake pedal over to the gas.